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As I’ve previously mentioned in my ‘First Aid’ post, I am the Secretary for the First Aid society. Now the term secretary encompasses a lot of ideas about what one actually does as a secretary. But I am a secretary for a university society and not one in the working world. However, the name does come from somewhere, so some pre- conceived ideas about what I do for the role will be correct. Being such a large society however, the First Aid society also has a Publicity Officer who takes on some of the jobs a secretary would normally do.

So down to business, what do I actually do?

My role includes:

>Arranging committee meetings (which includes):

~Setting up a Google poll to determine availability

~Booking a room to hold the meeting in

~Drawing up a draft agenda

>Minuting committee meetings (keeping a record of what is said)

>Taking a register at our meetings (this is to do with the St John’s Ambulance (SJA) side of things, as attending these meetings counts towards volunteering hours)

>Putting SJA members hours onto the SJA website for their own record

It is a smaller role than some of my co-committee but does take its own time. Having been spurred on to go for the role by my house-mates also going for roles in other societies, I have not yet regretted it! 😉 There are so many societies and generally a minimum of 3 years at uni so it is definitely worth going for a role as they can be a lot of fun and give you a lot of skills in return, especially working as a team.

I enjoy organising so the position of Secretary seemed well suited to me. But there are various positions in various societies and I’m sure there is one to suit all. So join some societies in 1st year and consider going for one of the committee positions for 2nd year.


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