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Our student’s union has quite a lot on offer so I’d thought I’d just give you the highlights.

FOOD: In terms of food there is the 1923 Cafe and Bar, Starbucks and the Common Room (which has a simple but delicious menu of things like soup and pizza slices).

SHOPS: Shops wise there is Nourish (which sells food, hoodies and bits and bobs you might need) and Ryman (a stationary shop).

INFORMATION: You can find information on uni things relating to the student union at the Point and you can also buy event tickets there.

O2 ACADEMY: We have an O2 academy which is used for many events. Personally I have used it for a ballroom competition, Fresher’s Fair and of course it hosts club nights each week.

CAREERS OFFICE: You can book appointments to see careers advisor’s who do a variety of things. Some examples include looking over your CV and giving you mock interviews (see my Career’s Advice blog).

SULETS: This is a letting agency that is based on campus and the one that I myself have used for the past two years. I have found it very useful to have them on campus as inevitably there’s always something you want to talk to them about. This could range from signing the contract for a house to a broken curtain rail! It also saves you having to walk into town or wherever your letting agency may be based!

SANTANDER: It can be very handy having your bank on uni campus, the cash point is very useful but is of course open to everyone not just Santander customers. This is also the bank that uni societies can use so the Treasurer doesn’t need to go all the way into town.

UNITEMPS: This is a very useful tool for finding work whilst at uni. They offer a variety of jobs and I myself am employed by them.

SITTING AREA: There’s a very large sitting area in the middle which is good for a stop off for lunch, a social chit chat with friends or to do some work.

For more information on our Student’s Union please have a look at their website:


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