I’m at a point in my university career where I have been reflecting over my time here at Leicester and all that I have learnt. I’m sad to be leaving but I’m also looking forward to getting out into the real world. However, I like many people, have not yet decided what I would like to do but I am looking forward to doing something!

University has definitely helped me mature as a person and I do now feel ready to enter the world of jobs. But before I enter the world of jobs I shall be entering the world of job hunting! 😉 I like many students nowadays will be going to live at home again until I have found a job and earnt some money. But it will be nice to spend some time with my family before moving out for good!

It’s amazing how many transformations you go through at uni, or at least I have noticed that I have gone through many. It’s all about trying to find your feet which can be difficult amidst all the new experiences. It is a good stepping stone between finishing school and getting a job for more reasons than one. It furthers your education, it allows you to hone in on certain skills and lets you experience the world in the safety of the university ‘bubble’.

There are two sides to university- one is the degree and the other is the social aspect. It is best to want to go to university for both reasons as only going for the first may be lonely and only going for the second still means you have to do work even if you don’t want to! But together they are a very good combination and create a good atmosphere at university.

University passes quicker than you think as you spend a lot of time at home as well. So some obvious advice- enjoy uni whilst it lasts and don’t be sad about leaving- there’s a whole other world out there! 😉

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