Holiday at uni

At the end of each year at uni there is a bit of free time. No exams, lectures, seminars, tutorials, essays, presentations, nothing! It is the perfect time to explore Leicester and beyond with your friends and spend some time relaxing after exams.

Leicester has many things to offer and there is also a lot in the surrounding countryside. This is where public transport can come in handy as not many people have a car at uni! Buses, trains or taxis can assist you in getting where you want to go.

There are many free museums and art galleries which you can find more information about on the Leicester County Council website: I myself have visited the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, the Newarke Houses Museum and Gardens and the Jewry Wall Museum, all of which I can recommend.

In terms of other things to do in Leicester, there is a Megazone (Laser Tag), a huge shopping centre with plenty of surrounding shops and outside of Leicester off the A563 is Hollywood Bowl. There are of course also lots of parks (being an ultimate frisbee player, I am hoping to utilise these to their fullest extent!;)), restaurants and cafes.

Out into the Leicestershire countryside there are many other things in store such as Foxton Locks, which has the most locks in a staircase formation on the English canal system and which I found most enjoyable when I went. More information about it can be found here: I’m also hoping to see Bradgate Park this summer.

Cadbury World is not too far off, just a couple of train rides away. I had not visited there since I was a child but it did not disappoint me as an adult! 😉

Then of course you can do a lot of in house things; BBQs, cocktail parties, smoothie parties, just to name a few.

So enjoy those last few weeks as much as you can. There should not be a shortage of activities! 🙂

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