The awesomeness of the library

Some people like to do their uni work at home and some people like to do it in the library. I prefer to work in the library so I have had a lot of experience of the library on campus and as libraries go, it’s pretty awesome!

It’s a newly built building so the architecture is pretty up to date and pretty cool. A lot of glass was used so the light filters really well throughout the library (bar of course the basement!) Its other assets include:

  • The Library cafe: A place you can eat breakfast, lunch or dinner in! The paninis are particularly nice 🙂
  • The University Book shop: Here you can purchase books for your course as well as stationary items and Uni of Leicester hoodies!
  • Lockers: The library has a few lockers you can keep you belongings in whilst you’re in the library. They are free to all library users but only until closing time.
  • Computer rooms: These run on a first come first served basis but at every desk there is a plug for you to bring your own laptop in if you’d prefer
  • Printers and Photocopiers: You can print or photocopy for a rate of 5p per black and white sheet and 20p per colour sheet
  • Scanners: There are also scanners available
  • Large desks: There is so much space on every desk, you can fit a laptop and books on it! It is bigger than my desk at home which is part the reason I prefer to work in the library
  • Group Study Rooms: You can book a group study room for up to 2 hours a day
  • Awesome bookshelves: To make more space for more bookshelves, our ones move! You have to turn a wheel at the end of the bookshelf but make sure no one is in the adjacent isle before doing so!
  • Silent zones: There are silent zones where apart from the bookshelves moving it’s quite peaceful!
  • Quiet zones:  The same as above but you are allowed to occasionally whisper to any friends! (about the work;))
  • Water taps: There are water taps in the bathrooms as you are allowed water in the library but no other food or drink

To find out more about the University of Leicester Library Services please see here:

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