My Leicester bucket list

Now that we are nearing the end of exams I’ve been giving some more thought to my Leicester bucket list. I had the idea to come up with a bucket list of things I wanted to do in Leicester before I left a while ago. Although I can come back to Leicester it will never be as convenient as living here, so while I do I want to get as many things done as possible! This will also mean I won’t get bored with all my free time! 😉 The list is not completed yet and if anything else crops up, I’m simply going to add it to the list. But this is what I’ve got so far…

  1. Fenwick. Although I don’t have anything I want to buy in Fenwick, I have walked passed it a million times as it is on my way to town. I promised myself last year I would pop in to have a look around and have never made it.
  2. Leicester Cathedral. I am interested to see this Cathedral as someone in my Archaeology of World Religion module did a project on it and it is something I can actually go and see for myself unlike the thing I did my project on which is in India!
  3. Bradgate Park. I have mentioned this in some of my other blogs and I have yet to go!
  4. Leicester Riverside Festival. I only spotted this yesterday but it looks like a lot of fun so if any of you guys are around (7th and 8th June), it might be worth a look –
  5. Pubs and Bars. I would like to explore a few more of Leicester’s pubs and bars before I leave. It’s always just been easiest to pop down to the local but now I have more free time I’d like to see what other exciting places Leicester holds.
  6. Parks. Again, there are a lot of nice parks in and around Leicester and it’s not so much I need to go and see them but that I want to spend a lot of time outdoors! (Mainly playing Frisbee;))
  7. The River. Although I live very near to the river, I’ve never really gone to see it. I think this problem will be solved by the Leicester Riverside Festival but I may go another time as well 🙂

Although not an extensive list and possibly uninteresting to some of you, these are the things I would like to do before leaving! Not to mention all the other things I’ve planned (cocktail parties etc..) but which are not exclusive to Leicester. So come up with your own Leicester Bucket lists, no matter which year you are in and work your way through them, I’m hoping it’ll be quite fun!


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2 responses to “My Leicester bucket list”

  1. Tim

    The National Space Centre is definitely worth a visit –

    £11 entry with your NUS card and if you book online they’re currently offering a free annual pass too.


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