My Leicester Bucket List 2

On my last blog I left you guys with a list of things that I wanted to do in Leicester. I have since done some of these things but unfortunately I have broken my ankle which is preventing me from completing the list! However, I thought I would feed back to you guys what I have done and if they are actually worth doing in the future!

  1. Fenwick. I really enjoyed visiting this store; they were not as expensive as I had thought and I wish I’d gone sooner! I could see a lot of things that would have made good presents for my friends and family.
  2. Leicester Cathedral. This had a lot of lovely stain glass windows and was more spacious inside than it looks from the outside!
  3. The Guildhall. While visiting the Cathedral I actually stumbled upon Leicester’s Guildhall as it is at the back entrance of the Cathedral. It was very interesting and relevant to my degree! 😉 More information on the Guildhall can be found here:
  4. Bradgate Park. I can’t go here anymore but I am still keen to come back for a visit!
  5. Leicester Riverside Festival. This was a lovely festival and fortunately the weather was wonderful. There were a lot of market stalls and a few activities. I got some henna done on my hand which was exciting as I’ve never had it done before.
  6. Pubs and Bars. Again I’m not going to have much luck doing these :/
  7. Parks. Or these!
  8. The River. Or this! (But luckily I got to see it at the Leicester Riverside Festival)

Breaking my ankle is unlucky but I suppose at least I am done for the year as getting to lectures would have been a struggle! At least I managed to do most things on my Leicester Bucket list before i did it!

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