After Leicester

So I now have only 5 days left on my student card…! I’m going home on Sunday and shall be saying goodbye to Leicester for a long time with only a brief visit back for my graduation. My circumstances like many other students nowadays mean that I have live at home again and I am fortunate to have parents who will allow me to do so! 😉

I have never been sure what I wanted to do in life and I am still uncertain. So my current plan is to return home in search of a job. I am not sure however, what job I would like to do! At the moment I wouldn’t mind just earning a bit of money so I am quite open to doing a variety of things. I can then give further thought to what I actually want to do and may find I am actually really enjoying what I am currently doing!

Although I had more freedom at uni than I do at home, I am nonetheless looking forward to living at home again as student houses are not renowned for their quietness! Many an alarm has woken me up in the morning when I was not wishing to wake up!

A lot of people stay on to do further study as they too are not sure what to do after uni. But as much as I shall miss uni I am looking forward to entering the real world away from the ‘bubble of uni’ 😉 It is my next challenge in life and should not be a cause for concern but for excitement- we are growing up!

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