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I am sad to say that this will be my last ever blog! I hope I have achieved what I set out to do which was “to familiarise you with uni life and to demonstrate how actually it can be pretty fun!” I also hope that you have enjoyed reading my blogs as much as I have enjoyed writing them!

So for my final blog I would like to mention all the fun, new and challenging experiences that I’ve had to make my time at uni so special 🙂

Freshers was a crazy, hectic 2 weeks! As I’m sure many of you will know or will soon find out, you do a whole host of things you’ve never done before and are soaking up new experiences by the bucket load. It was brilliant to talk to as many people as possible and to take part in as many events as possible.

After Freshers I can’t say I took to work immediately as I was more caught up in the social aspect of uni but once things had calmed down a bit, I started to really enjoy what I was being taught as first year was an introductory year to my degree so we were covering a vast range of topics.

Upon entering second year it was very exciting to live with some of the people I had made friends with in first year and to bond together as a house. I also decided to join some societies which I had missed out on doing in first year. I joined Dancesport (Latin and Ballroom dancing), the First Aid Society and the Navigators (a Christian group). Having really enjoyed First Aid I put myself forward to become Secretary and got the position!

Entering into my third year I was heavily involved in the First Aid Society as Secretary, I still attended the Navigators and decided to give Ultimate Frisbee a go, having given up Dancesport the previous year (But I did very much enjoy it!). Frisbee soon took over my life and I seemed to be away every weekend on tournaments! But it was great to play a sport again.

In terms of work, first term was taken up more with Frisbee but I really pushed myself in the second term and am pleased to say I got some good results. I did most of my dissertation in the second term and highly enjoyed my two other modules- ‘The Greek world after Alexander’ and ‘The Archaeology of World Religion’.

Third term was busy to start with and then of course I had that lovely month of freedom at the end! I am also pleased to say that I managed to do a lot in the last month.

Uni has been a wonderful experience and I feel I have really matured into an adult ready to enter into the ‘real world’. Proof of this is on my last night of uni when I played some games with some friends and we ordered a chinese! (No last night of drinking, or packing with a hangover! ;)).

I hope I have alleviated any fears for those of you thinking about going to uni and please post any last questions you may have! Good luck to all of you for the future 😀

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