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With everyone who has exams (not me!) bogged down with revision, and the start of the next semester coming up, I thought I’d share with you a wonderful website that my friend showed me called HabitRPG.

HabitRPG is a website and phone app that combines a basic RPG game with a To-Do list, which means you can enter in tasks that you need to complete, for example ‘revise for 30 minutes’, and when you achieve that target you are rewarded with in-game currency and items for your character. You can also set your own rewards, like ‘eat chocolate bar’ or ‘watch movie’, and I’ve found it very useful in persuading myself to be productive and to not procrastinate.

My main goal has to been to write at least three hundred words a day, because the deadline for my 4000 word Religious History essay is Monday 19th, and as of today I have 1300 words left to write about the failure of the Anglican Church of Ireland to convert Irish Catholics in the eighteenth century. It’s a surprisingly interesting topic, and the reason why I chose to take the Religious History module rather than Social, Cultural or Racial history. But this essay is the last piece of assessment for the module, and I’m going to miss the seminars, although not the two hour lecture on a Thursday morning!

In other news, I’m going to see ‘Annie’ at the cinema near University tomorrow, which I’m really looking forwards too!

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