Going Home

These last few weeks have been hectic, and it’s so nice to finally have some time to relax, even if I’m only going to be home for a day before going on holiday with my family. We’re driving up to the Yorkshire Dales for a week of hiking, which means I get to take a whole week off before getting down to the business of revising for my history exam and writing the two archaeology essays I have due in May. Still, the Easter break seems really long this year, so I have plenty of time and I plan to enjoy it as much as possible – a whole five weeks that I can spend sleeping in my own (very comfy) bed, and where I don’t have to cook for myself!

I also found out today where I am going to do my summer fieldwork, and I’m so happy to find out that I have a place on Oliver Harris’ dig at Adnamurchan in Scotland. The location is absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to spend some time there!

Next month I’ll be posting about my holiday, and hopefully more details about Ardnamurchan.

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