It’s revision time again

It’s nearly exam time again, which means that once term starts again next week the library is going to be ridiculously busy. Thankfully the only exam I have to prepare for in my Anglo-Saxon history exam on Saturday 23rd May, but I also have an essay and presentation deadline for the week before that, so things are going to be hectic.

Seeing as I spent most of yesterday revising in the library, I thought I’d share my favourite ways to revise for history exams:

  • Using note cards for each historical source or topic that I need to study, which brings all my notes into one place, and which I can highlight to help me remember them. This also helps because it allows other people to test me on things easily.
  • I tend to also make mind maps for each topic, even though I often don’t look at them much afterwards because they tend to get too complicated. But writing everything out again helps me remember things.
  • Making lists of dates and events I have to remember. While the dates all appear in my other notes, having them all in one place makes it easier to memorise them all.
  • Writing out single page sheets of notes on each topic, which works similarly to using note cards.


As a side note, I’m very excited that I got a place on the dig in Ardnamurchan this summer! Our first meeting is next Thursday, so I’ll have more details then.

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