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I mentioned recently that I was going to Ardnamurchan to do some fieldwork over the summer, and now that we’ve had our first meeting I thought I’d tell you more about my summer plans.

Ardnamurchan is a peninsula on the West Coast of Scotland, not far from the Isle of Mull, and along with a group of students from Manchester University we’re going to be camping there for three weeks in July to excavate an area known as Dun Mhurchaidh, an Iron Age promontory fort. Some of the group with also be excavating a post medieval site at Swordle Huel, which was a town that was occupied until the mid-nineteenth century.

I’m really excited to be part of this dig, especially because I’ve never been to Scotland before and it looks beautiful, and because I can’t wait to develop the excavation skills that I picked up over my fieldwork last summer and which I haven’t had a chance to use since.

I just hope I don’t get eaten alive by the famous Scottish midges!


As well as my summer fieldwork, I’m going to have to do a lot of research for my dissertation, which in my case means driving to several artillery forts in England and the near continent, and taking a lot of pictures as well as doing all my reading! I’m hoping to go to Dover and Portsmouth first, but I haven’t yet decided which sites in Europe I’m going to be visiting. I also hope to visit the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, and Fort Nelson artillery museum in Portsmouth as part of my research into artillery fortresses in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries.

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