End of module reflections


This is my first blog and it is being written shortly after submitting my level one DL Classical Archaeology essay. It is always a strange feeling to have finished a module, a mixture of relief that it was submitted on time, and satisfaction in a job well done (fingers crossed.) Soon the fear/excitement about the mark will manifest itself, but not yet!

So what to do with the three weeks until the postman brings the Medieval Archaeology module? I would love to get out to Croxton Kerrial to carry on digging the Medieval Manorial complex but, the weather is unlikely to be that kind.

I still have my full time day job to do but, the chance to rest and recuperate from my studies is compelling and I believe, extremely important. I have the privilege to be the course rep for the Archaeology DL students and we have a meeting on January 20th at Leicester to look forward to. It is always good to visit the campus and put faces to names!

Another vital task for my wife and I is to plan our holidays for this year. Lasts years visits to Rome, Venice and the Emperor Diocletian’s retirement palace at Split in Croatia via a Cruise holiday will take some beating…but we shall try!

I hope you continue to follow my blogs as I progress on my fascinating journey as a University of Leicester, DL Archaeology student.





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Hi, I'm Mark from Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. I am currently about to start my third year of study on the part time Archaeology BA distance learning course. I am married with grown up children and five grandsons and one grandaughter. I work full time for Severn Trent Water but have an Army background. I am loving the course so far and would encourage anyone with a passion for Archaeology to follow me to Leicester.

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4 responses to “End of module reflections”

  1. Dan Cirjan

    Hi Mark, you’re doing a fine job! Carry on, hope to keep in touch with you for a long timeUjust starting in February).

  2. Fiona

    Sounds like the breaks between modules are essential ? Let us know where you’re going this year, I managed Rome and Seville in the past 12 months.

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