3 responses to “Work, Life, Study balance!”

  1. paola Minardi

    Hello Mark again! Your commitment and dedication are a source of encouragement and inspiration for us as future students. And here below are a ” series” of extra questions! For a part- time worker , how realistic is an application full time (preparing two modules simultaneosly ) vs. part- time? in case of a part-time application, how much time is available between the submission of a module’essay and beginning of the next ? Would it be possible to apply part-time to taste the field and eventually, if plausible, to switch to full time for the following years? or viceversa? How many hours effectively are required per day / or week to prepare for a module and secure a ” decent ” pass? Is the material study coming at the beginning of the module with the assigned essay’s title ? Is the title assigned by your tutor during your preparation? moreover, does a student choose from a list of essay’s titles? Sorry for the long list of questions! Anxiety about making the right balanced choice is overwhelming and there’s nothing more encouraging than start a new path with a sensible plan in place! Enjoy your day and thanks in advance for your reply. Paola

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