Essay submitted. Here comes Summer!

My Medieval Archaeology essay is now submitted and I look forward to a month off before post Medieval begins. Will this be a period of peace and relaxation? All those jobs around the house and garden that have taken a back seat will still need doing and, it is excavation season, I must find time to get out digging at Croxton, as well as holding down a full time job! Oh yes, my eldest daughter is expecting twins any day now too!

I also want to do a GIS course and recap on the modules we have covered so far on this journey. There is also the tense wait for results of the current assignment. Busy? yes. Would I have it any other way? A resounding NO.



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About Mark

Hi, I'm Mark from Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. I am currently about to start my third year of study on the part time Archaeology BA distance learning course. I am married with grown up children and five grandsons and one grandaughter. I work full time for Severn Trent Water but have an Army background. I am loving the course so far and would encourage anyone with a passion for Archaeology to follow me to Leicester.

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2 responses to “Essay submitted. Here comes Summer!”

  1. Helen

    Hi Mark – I’m about to start year 1, and I was wondering how you chose which of the 6 optional modules NOT to study? And why? Also, as part of that, at what point in your studies was that decision made – and how did you decide the order in which to take the modules?

    My background is engineering/construction so probably similar to yours and I, too, am a little nervous of the essays!

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