My stay in LRI

So, I’ve broken my ankle.

Unfortunately for me I was playing Rugby and it happened, this then caused me to have a lovely time in Leicester Royal Infirmary, so for my blog post today it only seems fitting to relate it to my new broken ankle and in this case it is going to be the help that the University is giving me in case any of you lovely people end up in this situation or something remotely similar, which frankly I really hope you don’t. So because of my injury, I’m now in a wheelchair and have to use crutches which ultimately makes everything a million times harder.

The University in terms of sorting out my journey to and from uni were fab, transport would obviously be a HUGE issue for me and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to attend my lectures or seminars, I live a 10-minute walk away from the University with a big hill on the way, which with crutches is a BIG. FAT. NO. And quite frankly my student loan will definitely not cover taxi’s for at least six weeks. So the University is paying for my travel to University as well as trips to my medical appointments and one trip a week to the supermarket a week. WELL DONE UNI!! This is fab! It means I’m not staying in all day, every day which would then makes the six weeks with the cast even worse than what it already is. And It means I can still learn while having a broken ankle. Fab!

However, one thing I found so strange is that the University does not have any wheelchairs at all… not even one! I understand that for 99% of the University population this wouldn’t be an issue but for me right now in this situation, it is. I never even thought about a wheelchair, and never did I think about the University not having one in cases like this, after all, there are 35 competitive sports teams ranging from American Football to Volleyball, surely someone would think about what would happen if there happened to be an accident, but apparently not.

But a fab thing is that the University is very wheelchair accessible! So far every building has had a lift or a ramp that I can get in or my friends can push me up. (Thank you to all my friends, I very much appreciate the help getting around). Plus all my tutors have helped me get in a place where I can rest my laptop as well as be comfortable and not have any chance of smacking my foot on something…. which wouldn’t be fun nor pain-free!!!

This isn’t something that is regarding the University but more its students, before being in a wheelchair I never realised how important drop curbs and ramps were, and it is very frustrating when someone is stood in the way and won’t move. So just a little note, please try and be more courteous to those in wheelchairs or in any mobility device, ramps and drop kerbs are there to help people in these situations to be able to go about their daily life so if you are stood near one, or are blocking the entrance way to ramp, please be kind and move out the way, it really will make someone’s day a little bit easier!

Thank you and hopefully, you are safer than me!!!

Brit x

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