Christmas Break, is it really a break at all?

As many of my close friends and family know, Christmas time is my favourite time of the year. As a student Christmas doesn’t really mean a break for uni work… sorry to break it to you.

This Christmas break I have been very busy, doing uni work, working to earn some money so I can go on tour (that will be a separate blog within itself) as well looking for potential internships for this summer. At the moment I’m looking for something to do with the government or the police. I will most likely do another blog on internships soon.

I’ve also been revising hard for my exam as well as reading and writing my essay. Because I’m now in┬ásecond year my grades now count so every essay I do count. So I give myself a month to write an essay, so it gives me plenty of time to plan, read, write as well as meet the tutor for the essay so I can get them to go through my plan. For some students, this may seem excessive but I want to do the best I can and the more effort I put in, the best I will do. The main thing is, it works for me and I get good grades and I enjoy it!

For me Christmas break isn’t really a break it’s just a break for uni, there isn’t really much time to relax but for me, this is no longer an issue, I want to work hard and I want to achieve a good grade in my degree.

Overall, hard work will get you anywhere!


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Hi guys, I'm Brit a second-year Ancient History and History student originally from Yorkshire. I'm into sports, promoting positive mental health as well as giving you study hacks and tips to help you during your time at Leicester.

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