Varsity is something that I love, the whole University coming together to take the rule of the city; the vibe is fantastic!

There are many films, mostly American ones that show Varsity, most usually American Football, as this huge drunken celebration where the home team wins narrowly in a tough battle. But Varsity isn’t really like this, yes we celebrate all the hard work that has been put in the whole year but it is much more than this.

Varsity is a showcase, time to show how amazingly hard everyone has worked throughout the year, which is hopefully shown throughout the final game! Last year Uni of Leicester won against DMU in overall and a mention has to be given to Women’s Rugby, my sport, who have beaten DMU for the last 14 years now and are hoping to make this year the 15th.

During Varsity I want to focus on the more uncommon/unknown sports such as fencing and dodgeball. During the build-up, I want to show how different sports train, I have always been a lover of sports but most of the sports I’ll be focusing on, I’ve never participated in before! I hope you enjoy the students view on Varsity.

Brit x

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Hi guys, I'm Brit a second-year Ancient History and History student originally from Yorkshire. I'm into sports, promoting positive mental health as well as giving you study hacks and tips to help you during your time at Leicester.

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