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Hi there!

As part of my varsity series, I’ve decided to visit different, less well know sports in order to see what they do and how they are training for varsity.

Today, I visited Fencing! They train at The Roger Bettles Sports Centre in Oadby on Tuesday 8pm-10pm, Thursday 7pm-10pm, Sunday 12-3pm and I went down to see what they were all about!

Firstly I was made SO incredibly welcome by Aidan (club captain) and the coach (whose name I believe was Andy) as well as the members of the club! Everyone there did everything they could in order to make me feel welcome!

To start, all the members warmed up, which was a basic warm up, running with stretches etc. Then the fencing began, first footwork. At this point, Andy asked me if I wanted to get involved which I was very happy to. We began doing some footwork drills (attached is a picture of Aidan showing how the footwork is done),

With the footwork drill, we had to move forward and backwards, gradually getting quicker and quicker. This was then developed into a chasing game. One thing I will say is that I never realised how physically exhausting fencing is. After the footwork drill I was warm and after the chasing game I was so tired, and this really surprised me! But I’m definitely complaining!

The chasing game focused on footwork but was in a more ‘real life’ situation in fencing. Where the person at the back (Harry, white t-shirt) has to wait to be tapped by the person at the front (Aidan, green t-shirt) and Harry needs to tap Aidan before he gets to the already specified line!

This game was a lot of fun and definitely had the room laughing!

The whole room was filled with laughter and chatter from the beginning which was great! The vibe of the room was something I loved and it was addictive!

Then after this, it was time to give fencing a go! I never realised how much kit was involved and when I looked at the kit bag I felt a bit overwhelmed, however, a lovely girl called Ava, helped me get ready and told me exactly what I needed to wear and in what order. Something I was worried about that if I wanted to join I would need to buy all my own kit… you don’t! Everything is provided for you and everyone will happily help you get what kit you need in regards to what type of Fencing you want to do! Yes… there is more than one type of Fencing, and the Fencing club let you practice all 3, and they are all different from each other, which is great because you will never ever get bored!

Overall I had such a good time at Fencing, so good in fact I’ve decided that I’m going to become a member! I would fully recommend giving Fencing a go, what other sport do you get to have a sword fight in? 

Big love and thanks to everyone from UoL Fencing!

Brit x

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