The Students Union Elections

So it is that time again, 5 positions, 31 candidates (yes I worked this out), who will reign victorious?

A quick side note – I do not want to offend any of the other candidates, these are just the people I chose to vote for and why!

Voting for the Executive Positions is so important as they are the ones who can make a real change in our Students Union. I, of course, have my preferences who I have voted for as voting has opened today (20th Feb) and I want to tell you why I am going to who I am going to vote for.

President – Amy Moran, our current President, has made such an amazing effort in improving the Students Union in so many ways, such as housing, meal deals, and hidden course costs. My favorite 2 points on her ‘already have’ have to be:

  1. Introducing a Transgender Officer – this is something that is so important, it allows everyone on campus, no matter what their gender identity to be able to be represented.
  2. Won Compensation for students living in halls – many students were left without adequate living conditions in halls and Amy won compensation for hundreds of students affected…

In her manifesto, she makes some amazing points and some I have to mention!

  1. Blacklist Bad Landlords and Letting Agents
  2. Roll out transition workshops across departments
  3. Tailored Support for Societies and Clubs

These for me are the reason why I have given my vote, for President, to Amy. She is incredibly dedicated, she is motivated and she wants whats best for us. I couldn’t think of anyone better to be our president.

Education Officer – Azza Abdulla, she has changed so much and opened so many doors for so many students regarding their education and making sure that as students we get our £9,000 worth. In her ‘already have’, these are the points I love are:

  1. Launched EMPOWERED series for liberation groups – this is such an important thing, she’s got all students involved! Go Azza!
  2. Got each student £15 in printing credits – as a student who prints so much off, I personally love this, we shouldn’t have to pay for this as we pay so much in tuition fees already!

In her manifesto she makes so cracking points that she wants to address:

  1. working on closing the attainment gap
  2. allow students to book and use empty classrooms 
  3. putting teaching at the heart of the University

Azza strives constantly to do the best for us students, she is hardworking, motivated and will do the best for the thousands of students at UoL. She has personally helped me with so many issues, that would allow me to progress and have more opportunities, because of this. I know she is the real deal! For this, she has my vote.

Wellbeing – Oge Obioha, she is a first-time campaigner so there is no what she has already done. But she wants so much change so many important things and she is so passionate about the things that she wants to change.

  1. Victoria Park Patrol Team
  2. Continue Self Defence Classes
  3. Bridging the Gap Scheme

These ideas are so unique but are things that we all want, this shows that she is at the heart of the students and she wants what is really best for students. She really wants to promote the well being of students and she really cares, as she has and is showing by listening to students so she can cater to all of our needs. Shes got my vote!

Sports – Kennedy Adamu, Ken is our current Sports Officer, he has changed the game in Sports at Leicester and this is why he gets my vote! My favorite points on his ‘already has’ are

  1. Led on Black History in Sport, This Girl Can 2017, UOL Pride 2018 – once again another member of the SU getting all students involved!
  2. Promoted clubs through club of the month & club showcase – this is giving less well-known clubs more promo, this is something I’m attempting to do in my Varsity blogs but he’s changing the game!

My favorite points in his manifesto have to be:

  1. Physio for Students
  2. More support with Marketing and Promotion 
  3. Building links with Bigger Companies

Ken is the only with such developed points and for all types of students to, for example, injured students. He is changing the game! He’s bringing about change in such a fantastic way and I want him to be my sports officer… again!

Activities – James Kumar, he is a first-time campaigner so once again there won’t be an already have done section. However, he wants to make Activities bigger and better than ever before and is so focused on doing so!

  1. SU Redevelopment 
  2. Grant Funding
  3. Distance Learner Day

James has shown with these policies that he cares about all students, he wants to make sure students have a better time at Uni and get credit for doing so! I am on the Kumar Campaign! For this, he’s got my vote!

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