Varsity Series: Women’s Rugby

So, my varsity series continues, this time we are focusing on my sport, Women’s Rugby.

Rugby has been a passion of mine since I was a young girl, I was brought up with Rugby at home when my Dad would watch it on TV. Further to this, my brother played for our local club and I was a dedicated supporter and I even got involved and became their water girl!

When I joined University, I knew I had to play rugby. As many of you know, I played for a year until I had an injury and because of this, I decided not to play. However, I am going to tell you, how the girls are preparing for Varsity with the accounts from 2 of my closest rugby friends, Clarkie and Tamara.

I asked both the girls a few questions and here are their answers:

First up is Elinor Clark, who we know as Clarkie, she is 21, studies Medicine and plays Flyhalf (10)

  1. What does Varsity mean to you? Varsity is a time to celebrate and share the sport love to play. It allows us to cheer on all our fellow sports teams and come together in true Team Leicester fashion.
  2. How do you prepare for varsity? As a club, we have increased the intensity and the frequency of sessions. When our match was cancelled due to the beast from the east, we all battled the weather to have a team run through in Victoria Park. As most will know we have also engaged in a drinking ban for a month, which we have all struggled with!
  3. How do you prepare for training outside the club? During my spare time, I’ve been going to the gym. We’ve started running our own spin classes which have been a great bonding experience while getting in that extra fitness. During the build-up to varsity, I’ve also been promoting the event on all the social media to make sure UoL have the biggest representation at all the events rather than DMU.
  4. What keeps you motivated? Everyone else on the pitch with me! We work as a team and we play as a team. The environment within the club is like a big family and that is enough to make you want to run around in the snow and freezing weather twice a week!
  5. Why do you like rugby and why do you play? Before I joined the rugby club I wasn’t a follower of rugby but now I love it. It combines physical activity with problem-solving and so much more. There’s nothing better than stepping that defender or making a great tackle. Everyone should give it a go and they’d be hooked.

And next here is Tamara’s account, she is 19, also studies Medicine and plays Prop (3)

  1. What does Varsity mean to you? It’s an occasion to represent my university and showcase our team. It also means a chance to reflect on personal achievement and progression over the year
  2. How do you prepare for varsity? I give as much as I possibly can in training sessions and I always attend any extra sessions put on by players or coaches
  3. How do you prepare for training outside the club? I increase the amount of gym session outside of regular training that I do. I also go down to Vicky park with a ball and I get some practice in
  4. What keeps you motivated? The team. Most of the players including our captain are amazing at keeping up morale, the whole team spirit and gym sessions together help keep me motivated. But it sometimes is difficult to keep up the workload along with University work.
  5. Why do you like rugby and why do you play? I like Rugby is a competitive environment where you require both prowess and fitness in order to improve. I’ve always wanted to try it and University was the perfect place to start and the team was inviting.

Thank you to both girls for their accounts!

I hope that you are enjoying my varsity blogs!

Brit x

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