Varsity Series…. Men’s Cricket

My Varsity series is continuing, more and more clubs are wanting to get involved which is amazing to see!

Mens Cricket… renowned for being a very close club and definitely one of the funniest!

I have once again asked the club, 5 questions and I have patiently (may be funny but they are slow on their facebook page) waited for their replies! Even more exciting though, they had included pictures of players!

First up, is Nick Payne, he is 19, studies Economics with Accounting and he is an all rounder player.

1. What does Varsity mean to you? Varsity for me is the most important fixture in the calendar, everything else pales in comparison. The buzz that takes hold of everyone at uni around Varsity season is a difficult one to describe unless you’ve experienced it, and taking part in the fixtures themselves is an amazing opportunity – definitely the highlight of the sporting year

2. How do you prepare for varsity? (in club, like training etc) Cutting down to the varsity squad for intense, focused indoor training to get used to the differences in play style between outdoor and indoor cricket.

3. How do you prepare for training outside the club? Generally keeping myself fit through my other sports and going to the gym.

4. what keeps you motivated? Memories of losing indoor varsity last year, and having to watch injured from the sidelines for as we suffered another defeat outdoors at Grace Road.

5. Why do you enjoy cricket and what made you play? I enjoy cricket at uni so much because of the great team atmosphere we have built at the club. I have played the sport from a young age so naturally, it made sense to carry on when I got to Leicester


Finally is Dom Palmer, he is 19, studies Economics with Accounting, and is an All Rounder player.

1. What does Varsity mean to you? Everything, beating DMU would be the perfect way to finish the indoor season and end it on a high

2. How do you prepare for varsity (in club, like training etc)? Intense training sessions focusing on the specifics of indoor cricket and practice games

3. How do you prepare for training outside the club? Go to the gym to keep fit

4. What keeps you motivated? Just simply wanting to win

5. Why do you enjoy cricket and what made you play? The enjoyment of winning a game as a team after the hard work put in beforehand. My whole family plays cricket so I was introduced to it as soon as I could hold a bat

Thankyou so much to Mens Cricket for the player profiles! Their indoor Varsity is tomorrow (14/3/18) at the City Cricket Academy, all details are here:

I hope they smash DMU #FearLeics

Brit x

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