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As many of you will already know, uni students are known for being skint. So for many students its crucial to get a part-time job. I have had 2 part-time jobs while at uni, and I am currently at one and I am loving it.

This blog post it to tell you what the important things to look for are when searching for a part-time job.

  1. The Hours – no one wants a job that is ridiculous hours, I had a job that I would work Friday Night, Saturday Night, then Sunday Daytime. It was horrible. Find a job with hours that suit. DO NOT MISS TIMETABLED EVENTS TO WORK. This is an obvious no-no,  go to timetabled events and fit your part-time work around that. I work in the SU and I am so lucky that I can fit my hours around my University life. And I believe that it is part of the student charter that you don’t work more than 15 hours outside of uni
  2. The Location – you don’t want to work in a bar and finish work at 2am to realise that you now have to pay nearly 2 hours wages to get home safely. Working in a bar, and finishing at 2am is fine if that’s your thing, but you don’t want to spend most of your wages getting home, however, DO NOT RISK YOUR SAFETY.  If possible try and get a job that is near you (easier said than done… honestly I know), but look at your student union or if you find a job that requires a taxi/uber, see whether you could work fewer days but longer hours so that you have to pay less money
  3. The Contract – I’d say nearly all students go home during the holidays. You don’t want to be signing a contract that means you can’t go home during the holidays (if you want to stay in halls or your accommodation, amazing! Ignore this point if this is the case). For most typical student jobs the employers understand that you will want to go home, but mention this in your interview just so they know!

I hope that this post has been helpful!

Enjoy your Easter and your job hunting!

Good Luck

Brit x

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