A tough, but very rewarding year!

Second Year for me is now finished, which is exciting but also very daunting as I know next year I am going to have to work really hard in order to get the grade that I want. But with this year at an end, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you the positive and negatives of this year!

In September, I broke my ankle, and because of the damage I suffered, I can no longer play rugby, which is something that really upset me as it is something that I loved doing! Even though these are 2 negative things that happened, I must admit I am glad that they did, because it showed me how much strength I have and it showed me who my true friends were, as they were the ones that supported me.

But in September, I ran for Union Council, which I managed to gain a seat on the Education Zone. This was the best decision I’ve ever done. I love being able to have a say in the decisions that will affect students time at University. Along with doing this, I also became a peer mentor. I love helping people, I gain so much from it. Both positions are something that I would recommend to anyone! They are so rewarding and have helped me to gain skills which I can implement in other situations – it also looks great on my CV!

In November I got a new job! I now work in the Students Union which is an amazing job! I love it and I met my closest friends through this job so I am really glad I applied. SU jobs are great, I don’t work late nights and I don’t work weekends so this is an obvious perk but I also gained so many skills which I know I can use in employment that I enter after graduating.

In December I was finally out of my plastic boot. If you have broken your ankle then you have to wear a cast (which is terrible, and crutches are even worse) and then a plastic boot to help support your ankle, but finally in December, I was out of the plastic boot. I’m still going through Physio for my ankle with the help of the Danielle Brown Sports Centre but to be able to walk on solid ground without any aid was an amazing feeling and something that I am so lucky for!

In April it was my 21st birthday, which I spent with my closest family and friends! I had an amazing time and I was lucky enough to spend my birthday weekend in Norwich and I loved it! Also in April, I went on tour with Rugby, which again was fantastic and I made so many fantastic memories!

In May, it was time for me to go home! I finished my exams and I decided to go home and work at my job here which I also love! I am going to miss my friends but I will be coming back to visit them every few weeks!

I really hope that your exams and coursework is going/has gone great! As well as revising, make sure that you have time to chill out and do things that you enjoy!

Have a good summer

Brit x

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Hi guys, I'm Brit a second-year Ancient History and History student originally from Yorkshire. I'm into sports, promoting positive mental health as well as giving you study hacks and tips to help you during your time at Leicester.

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