How am I going to keep organised in third year?

In September I will be going into the third and final year of my undergraduate degree and being nervous is definitely an understatement. I need to keep incredibly organised as I have taken on a lot of projects this year and I need to keep on top of them. Here are the things I’ll be using to keep myself organised.

  1. Google Calendar – I’ve been trying this over summer and it’s worked really well for me. I like the fact that each different ‘subject’ can be put into a different colour and you can add notes to the event. Such as the room where it’ll be or what I’d need to take with me to that particular event.
  2. A paper diary – even though I am using Google Calendar, I am still going to use a paper diary, I think you can get too connected to technology and I think it’s always better to have a hard, paper copy of these things, hence why I am keeping a paper diary.
  3. A wall Calendar  this is my favourite tool for organisation. I can see all my events for the year in one place, its good to keep track of your assignments as well as any social events that you intend to go on. Just the fact I can see everything in one go is something that really helps me.
  4. Plastic Wallet – this is something I take everyday with me. Any pieces of paper that I am given in a particular day, it is kept in there until I get home and I can put in into a ring binder when I get home.
  5. Ring Binder – when I get home I take all the pieces of paper that I’ve got and I add them into the relevant ring binder so I can keep all my notes organised for when I need to revise.

I hope these tips have been useful in helping you to keep organised. I’ll keep you updated if I find any other useful things that help my studies!

Brit x

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Hi guys, I'm Brit a second-year Ancient History and History student originally from Yorkshire. I'm into sports, promoting positive mental health as well as giving you study hacks and tips to help you during your time at Leicester.

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