Do I volunteer?

University is about bettering yourself and volunteering is an amazing way to do this. There are so many opportunities at University to volunteer, and I do quite a few of them and it is something I really, really enjoy.

My first volunteering opportunity is being part of a committee. I’m part of both Galaxy Press and Ancient History and Archeology Society (AHAS) committee and I am Publicity Officer for both. These positions are really good fun and they look really good on your CV so I’d fully recommend them. Being part of a committee is something that you would usually apply to be in to start in your second year/third year, this is because you need to have an understanding of the society. You are voted in by other members of the society, the running process is something that is really good and is very relaxed.

My second volunteering opportunity is being a course rep. Being a course rep is something I would recommend to EVERYONE. This is such an easy volunteering opportunity but the amount of skills you earn is endless. I’ve been a course rep since my first year at university and it is something I love doing. Being a course rep involves asking your fellow members of your course what they would like to see improved, you then take this information to the SSC also known as the Student Staff Committee and you let your tutors and other course reps what you would like to change. Emails are sent at the start of the year telling you how to apply to be a course rep, it is a very easy process and something which the emails will explain step by step.

My third volunteering opportunity is being a peer mentor. Being a peer mentor is incredibly rewarding. A peer mentor is a fellow student that helps the first year students in order to help them feel at ease, help them feel familiar with campus and just be someone to talk to. I’ve been a peer mentor for 2 years now and It’s incredibly rewarding and I still see my mentees around campus and they always stop and say hello. Applying to be a peer mentor is very easy, and once again emails are sent at the start of the year and it is once again a very easy process to apply towards.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the volunteering that I do while studying, I really hope that some of you decide that you’d like to learn more about volunteering. If you do, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try and help you as much as I can.


Brit x

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