As I’m going to be busy focusing on my dissertation next year, this is going to be my last post for the Archaeology & Ancient History blog. I’ve really enjoyed writing these posts and I hope you’ve found them informative and entertaining. Shannon is going to be taking over from me next year, so I […]

Tent Trials (an adventure story by Anna)

In preparation for my excavation in Scotland I recently embarked upon a glorious and perilous adventure… to buy a tent. Not just any tent, but a tent small enough to carry in my rucksack and strong enough for use in the windy wilds of the west coast. In other words, an expensive tent (or so I […]

Home sweet home

It’s so good to be home! I moved out of my second year house for the last time on Wednesday, and I must admit I’m very glad to leave behind the mouldy walls and broken toilet and the shower that made funny noises when you turned it on. Home is like a palace in comparison, […]

Holt Lowes


As a holiday after the end of my exams, I went to Norfolk last week with my parents, staying in a village called Hempstead near the town of Holt on the North Norfolk coast. We spent most of the time walking, including a ten mile hike on the first day, first on a circular walk […]

Exam Formats

One thing I found about coming to university is that I had no idea what the exams would be like, particularly as I’d never taken an archaeology exam before. While I don’t know about other courses, the format of most of the exams I’ve had to do in history and archaeology is very simple and […]

Plans for Summer

I mentioned recently that I was going to Ardnamurchan to do some fieldwork over the summer, and now that we’ve had our first meeting I thought I’d tell you more about my summer plans. Ardnamurchan is a peninsula on the West Coast of Scotland, not far from the Isle of Mull, and along with a group of […]

It’s revision time again

It’s nearly exam time again, which means that once term starts again next week the library is going to be ridiculously busy. Thankfully the only exam I have to prepare for in my Anglo-Saxon history exam on Saturday 23rd May, but I also have an essay and presentation deadline for the week before that, so things are going […]

Janet's Foss

Yorkshire, Part 2

The best day of my holiday was Thursday, when we visited Malham Cove, a huge cliff with a limestone pavement on top (which by the way featured in Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1). Formed in the last Ice Age, Malham Cove was created by a huge waterfall of glacial melt-water eroding the valley, but […]

Fountains Abbey

Yorkshire, Part 1

It’s day three of my holiday in Yorkshire, and so far, it’s going well. I’m staying in a cottage in the tiny village of Hebden in Wharfedale, which consists mainly of a pub, a farm shop, and 360 degree stunning views of the surrounding moorland. On Sunday we spent the day at the nearby Grassington […]

Going Home

These last few weeks have been hectic, and it’s so nice to finally have some time to relax, even if I’m only going to be home for a day before going on holiday with my family. We’re driving up to the Yorkshire Dales for a week of hiking, which means I get to take a whole […]

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