I can’t wait til 3rd term!

The finish line is in sight!!! Yes, that’ right, next Friday I shall be handing in my dissertation :O It has been a bit of a roller-coaster but I’ve definitely learnt a lot from doing it. Although it’s a shame you always feel like you’ve done the learning after you’ve finished and not beforehand! 😉 […]

First experiences at uni

My very first Dominos: A very useful thing after a night out and perfect when living in Oadby as you might not fancy a late night walk to Asda! Day time naps: Did not recall having one of these since childhood but come first year and these were commonplace! How to use a Paternoster: Awesomely […]

Late night studying

Although not advised, all of us will probably have, at one stage or other, done some late night studying for an essay due the following day. Of course this is not the only thing that prompts a late night study session. Some people naturally work better later on in the day and at other times […]

5 ways to get out of bed for a 9 o’clock lecture

Before I came to uni I was used to getting up at 6:30/ 7 for school, so I thought getting up at 8 for a 9 o’clock lecture would be a breeze! But that was relying on the fact that I would be in bed before midnight 😉 Dependent upon your subject you may have […]

Visiting friends

This is your chance to show off where you choose to go to uni and it’s also your friend’s chance to visit somewhere different. Because let’s be honest, most of us have only been to a few places in the UK. Mainly where you live, where your relatives live and anywhere you happened to go […]



Cooking is usually an endeavour only attempted upon arrival at university. But as we have catered halls, it may not need to be an endeavour undertaken until 2nd and 3rd year but even then could be avoided! I was in catered halls for my 1st year and so I didn’t really start to cook until […]

My secretarial duties

As I’ve previously mentioned in my ‘First Aid’ post, I am the Secretary for the First Aid society. Now the term secretary encompasses a lot of ideas about what one actually does as a secretary. But I am a secretary for a university society and not one in the working world. However, the name does […]



A new term, a new budget! Or so it should be;) University has certainly been a learning curve for me in terms of money as I’ve never had a regular job so I’ve never had a regular income. Come 1st year and I had a huge amount of money and a whole load of things to […]

Degree related presents!

Degree related presents!

Coming up with an idea for presents can be tricky but if you know about another persons interests or activities this can give you something to go on. Of course the big one for university students is their degree, find something related to it and voila you have a gift. We’re all guilty of indulging […]

My dissertation progress

I’ve now received my feedback on my draft chapter and on the whole my dissertation tutor liked it but there were a few basic errors and of course lots of room for improvement! Although I did proof read it I think it’s a good idea to do it several times and to read it out […]

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