My time at Leicester

I am sad to say that this will be my last ever blog! I hope I have achieved what I set out to do which was “to familiarise you with uni life and to demonstrate how actually it can be pretty fun!” I also hope that you have enjoyed reading my blogs as much as […]

My Leicester Bucket List 2

On my last blog I left you guys with a list of things that I wanted to do in Leicester. I have since done some of these things but unfortunately I have broken my ankle which is preventing me from completing the list! However, I thought I would feed back to you guys what I […]

My Leicester bucket list

Now that we are nearing the end of exams I’ve been giving some more thought to my Leicester bucket list. I had the idea to come up with a bucket list of things I wanted to do in Leicester before I left a while ago. Although I can come back to Leicester it will never […]

Holiday at uni

At the end of each year at uni there is a bit of free time. No exams, lectures, seminars, tutorials, essays, presentations, nothing! It is the perfect time to explore Leicester and beyond with your friends and spend some time relaxing after exams. Leicester has many things to offer and there is also a lot […]

Visiting friends

This is your chance to show off where you choose to go to uni and it’s also your friend’s chance to visit somewhere different. Because let’s be honest, most of us have only been to a few places in the UK. Mainly where you live, where your relatives live and anywhere you happened to go […]

City versus Countryside

Leicester is a relatively small city but moving here for uni may provide a culture shock if you (like me) lived in a village! My village is actually one of the biggest in the UK but that’s not to say it’s anything like Leicester 😉 I generally find people are either a city person or […]

Leicester transport

Leicester transport

   So transportation methods for students in Leicester. Your main modes of transport will be by foot, by bus, by bike and if you’re lucky enough to have one- by car. As Oadby student village (which is where most of you will be living in the first year) is out of town you will have […]

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