Plans for Summer

I mentioned recently that I was going to Ardnamurchan to do some fieldwork over the summer, and now that we’ve had our first meeting I thought I’d tell you more about my summer plans. Ardnamurchan is a peninsula on the West Coast of Scotland, not far from the Isle of Mull, and along with a group of […]

An Update: Deadlines and Dissertation

As the end of the term approaches, I once again have an abundance of deadlines, the most important (and scary) of which is my dissertation proposal. This is a brief outline of the dissertation question or idea that I want to write, as well as a list of resources that I will need, for example, access […]

Dissertation Ideas

The first year and a half of my course has gone so quickly, and I can’t believe I’m already having to think about dissertation topics. Because of the need to take a 2nd year dissertation preparation module this semester in order to do a history dissertation, I’ve decided to write mine in archaeology because I […]

I can’t wait til 3rd term!

The finish line is in sight!!! Yes, that’ right, next Friday I shall be handing in my dissertation :O It has been a bit of a roller-coaster but I’ve definitely learnt a lot from doing it. Although it’s a shame you always feel like you’ve done the learning after you’ve finished and not beforehand! 😉 […]

My dissertation progress

I’ve now received my feedback on my draft chapter and on the whole my dissertation tutor liked it but there were a few basic errors and of course lots of room for improvement! Although I did proof read it I think it’s a good idea to do it several times and to read it out […]

A short guide on giving presentations

The things we all dread! But really quite a good way of passing information. You do a lot of these at school and for some reason I thought we wouldn’t have any at uni! (But you do ;)). You do a couple of group projects in 2nd yr and part of those projects includes doing […]

How to take notes

Now I don’t know about you but this is something I’ve never been that good at. I know people might wonder why, as taking notes is pretty self explanatory! However, it’s kinda the note thing that baffles me. I’m very good at writing down everything someone says in a lecture or the majority of an […]

First Aid

I am on the committee as Secretary for the First Aid Society which means as well as my secretarial duties I help teach our members first aid at our sessions each week. We try and teach a new skill of first aid every week as well as recapping what we have already taught. This is […]

Ultimate Frisbee

Having decided to become fitter this year and actually participate in some sport, I joined the Leicester Jesters (the Ultimate Frisbee team). I attended their taster sessions and was learning a lot about Frisbee and definitely discovering a love for it. I was not expecting to be thrown head- first into a tournament! Loughborough Beginners […]

It’s good to be back

Wow, it’s good to be back! Second week into term and I’m still feeling pretty relaxed (probably, well all right then, definitely too relaxed!;)) I’m living in the same house as last year so I don’t need to settle in again, all our crockery and extra furnishings we bought are still there and I’d left […]

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