End of module reflections

  This is my first blog and it is being written shortly after submitting my level one DL Classical Archaeology essay. It is always a strange feeling to have finished a module, a mixture of relief that it was submitted on time, and satisfaction in a job well done (fingers crossed.) Soon the fear/excitement about the mark will manifest itself, but not […]

Tent Trials (an adventure story by Anna)

In preparation for my excavation in Scotland I recently embarked upon a glorious and perilous adventure… to buy a tent. Not just any tent, but a tent small enough to carry in my rucksack and strong enough for use in the windy wilds of the west coast. In other words, an expensive tent (or so I […]

Home sweet home

It’s so good to be home! I moved out of my second year house for the last time on Wednesday, and I must admit I’m very glad to leave behind the mouldy walls and broken toilet and the shower that made funny noises when you turned it on. Home is like a palace in comparison, […]

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