A new term, a new budget! Or so it should be;) University has certainly been a learning curve for me in terms of money as I’ve never had a regular job so I’ve never had a regular income. Come 1st year and I had a huge amount of money and a whole load of things to […]


Some questions I was asked on a comment on my ‘Bills’ post. What do you like most about student life, would you recommend it to aspiring students and what did/do you find the most difficult about adjusting to university life? I like the freedom of keeping your own schedule. You can get up, go out, […]


Something you need to do before you move into your house in second year is sort out bills. These include: Gas and electricity Internet Water The one off payment of a TV license (if you choose to get one) You will need to decide which company you want to be with for gas and electricity and for […]

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