West Kennet Long Barrow


Yesterday the Ancient History & Archaeology Society organised a trip to Avebury in Wiltshire with Dr. Mark Gillings, one of the archaeologists who excavated there. We left by coach from outside the Charles Wilson building at 8.30 am and reached Marlborough in Wiltshire by around 11 am, deciding first to visit two other monuments connected with […]

Societies & Studying

The first set of essay deadlines for history and archaeology are finally over, which means that I have a week to relax before I start thinking about doing more work. I have 3 essays due in in January (one of which is 4000 words long) which means Christmas is going to be busy, and I’m […]

My secretarial duties

As I’ve previously mentioned in my ‘First Aid’ post, I am the Secretary for the First Aid society. Now the term secretary encompasses a lot of ideas about what one actually does as a secretary. But I am a secretary for a university society and not one in the working world. However, the name does […]

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