Christmas Socials

Although I’m writing this a day before December, I feel the Christmas spirit is well on its way to full swing! What better way to end the term than a Christmas social with your societies. Hopefully you should have gotten to know everybody by now and it should be a nice way to round off […]

First Aid

I am on the committee as Secretary for the First Aid Society which means as well as my secretarial duties I help teach our members first aid at our sessions each week. We try and teach a new skill of first aid every week as well as recapping what we have already taught. This is […]

It’s good to be back

Wow, it’s good to be back! Second week into term and I’m still feeling pretty relaxed (probably, well all right then, definitely too relaxed!;)) I’m living in the same house as last year so I don’t need to settle in again, all our crockery and extra furnishings we bought are still there and I’d left […]

Fancy Dress

First, I must issue a word of warning. One you may already have heard or one you may not have. Here it is- uni is full of fancy dress parties! So consider a few costumes before you come so as not to be caught unaware! We have the traditional Freshers School Disco to start with […]

AGMs (Annual General Meetings)

As we approach the end of term all the various societies start to hold their AGMs to elect a new committee to run the society. Most positions are open to all society members and although each society will host them in a different way an AGM normally involves you getting up, saying a bit about […]

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