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Varsity Series… Sports Officer’s view.

Varsity Series… Sports Officer’s view.

I’m loving researching and writing this Varsity series so now it is time to find out our Sport’s Officers opinion. Kennedy Adamu has been our Sports Officer this year and he has now been elected for the role again next year. Because he is our Sports Officer I thought it would be great to get his […]

Varsity Series: Women’s Rugby

So, my varsity series continues, this time we are focusing on my sport, Women’s Rugby. Rugby has been a passion of mine since I was a young girl, I was brought up with Rugby at home when my Dad would watch it on TV. Further to this, my brother played for our local club and […]

Varsity Series… Working out in a Hijab

So, my varsity series continues! This blog is for me, a super interesting one, it is focusing on people who wear a hijab working out. Hijab’s in sport because big in 2016 at the Rio Olympics, when Ibtihaj Muhammad became the first Muslim women athlete competing for the USA to wear a hijab. When she was […]

It’s time to look at Grad Schemes

So I’m halfway through my second year now, I’m not 100% sure whether I want to do a masters or not yet. I’ve decided that I want a career in Security or Intelligence, so a little bit different to the Ancient History and History I am currently doing now. So If I want to go […]

The Students Union Elections

So it is that time again, 5 positions, 31 candidates (yes I worked this out), who will reign victorious? A quick side note – I do not want to offend any of the other candidates, these are just the people I chose to vote for and why! Voting for the Executive Positions is so important […]

Varsity Series… Fencing

Varsity Series… Fencing

Hi there! As part of my varsity series, I’ve decided to visit different, less well know sports in order to see what they do and how they are training for varsity. Today, I visited Fencing! They train at The Roger Bettles Sports Centre in Oadby on Tuesday 8pm-10pm, Thursday 7pm-10pm, Sunday 12-3pm and I went […]


Varsity is something that I love, the whole University coming together to take the rule of the city; the vibe is fantastic! There are many films, mostly American ones that show Varsity, most usually American Football, as this huge drunken celebration where the home team wins narrowly in a tough battle. But Varsity isn’t really […]

Dissertation Time

Even though I am only in the second year of University, it is time for me to start planning my Dissertation. I am very lucky, and one of the few who knows what they want to do, however, according to my tutors, this is likely to change. However my potential topic is women in Victorian […]

Christmas Break, is it really a break at all?

As many of my close friends and family know, Christmas time is my favourite time of the year. As a student Christmas doesn’t really mean a break for uni work… sorry to break it to you. This Christmas break I have been very busy, doing uni work, working to earn some money so I can […]

A day in the life of me!

Hi there! So as you know I am a second-year Ancient History and History student and I am going to take you on a day with me. 7:30am: I get up to be in Uni for 9am as I need to set off walking at 8:30 in order to be there on time. As I […]

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