Future First Aider

Because of my desire to help people and ambition to become a doctor, I have decided to learn First Aid. The student-run First Aid Society is associated with St. John Ambulance, and teaches students First Aid skills so that they can become a qualified First Aider.
Meetings are held every Monday, where we have been trained in skills such as performing CPR, applying bandages and practicing putting people into the recovery position. I’ve had a great time socialising with other students from different years, getting to know the society committee and learning these life-saving skills! In order to join St. John Ambulance, I had an informal interview last Monday by a member of the organisation. As with all interviews I was quite nervous, but the interviewer was very friendly and the session was more of a conversation about my reason for wanting to join St John Ambulance, and a chance to inform me more about the organisation. In a few weeks time I hope to undergo the proper training to become a qualified First Aider, so I can help out at events like the Rugby games over at the Tigers stadium, or maybe even Wimbledon!
To find out more about St John Ambulance, check out http://www.sja.org.uk/sja/about-us.aspx
Or come along to the Society sessions, Mondays at 7pm in Queens Hall, Percy Gee.

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7 responses to “Future First Aider”

  1. Ali

    I am also a member of SJA. I have been for 4 and a half years. I am now a fully qualified Advanced First Aider but there is so much to learn, you never stop! Volunteering also looks great on your CV I hear and SJA is a great way to spread first aid skills to the community. I think everyone should know basic first aid and it should be taught as compulsory classes in schools so everyone knows from an early age what to do.

  2. Deadlines, Inductions and Malaria

    […] In a previous post, I mentioned about my training to become a First Aider. Today I had my induction course – what could have been a very dull six hours was made rather enjoyable by an enthusiastic trainer and making new friends. Societies are a great way to meet new people, and even in third year you’ll still be meeting lots of new people! Highlights of the course included practising CPR and applying bandages to each other, but above all, the numerous cups of tea! Now that I’ve done my induction course, I can do a training session in the new year to become a qualified first aider – how exciting! […]

  3. Tom

    I’ve got “First Response” as part of my training as a Scout Leader – its a great thing to have! Keep at it!

  4. maryam

    So is the training in a course format so you get an award at the end of it or some sort of accreditation?

  5. Richard

    Cool blog, keep it up!

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