I had my last lecture for my second year at university yesterday and it was pretty sad! The year has passed by too fast although I think that the second semester always seems to pass by faster than the first semester for some strange reason. I’m going on an industrial placement for a year starting in August so won’t be having another lecture for a whole year – I’m still struggling with that thought!
So rather than concentrating on the last few minutes of my final lecture, I found myself counting down the minutes till the so called Easter freedom was officially announced. I handed in my last major assignment on Tuesday (it was a practical report write up on the electrophysiology of the crab nerve) so for the rest of the week; it felt almost surreal as I had no deadlines to worry about. Whilst the lecturer talking about the possible treatments for Parkinson’s disease in my final lecture, I was mentally counting down the minutes till I could escape from the lecture theatre and enjoy lovely weather. It’s really not nice being cooped up in a lecture hall when the sun is shining in a nice clear blue sky but I guess it’s just one of those unavoidable aspects of life – especially since our weather is infamous for its unpredictable nature!
To celebrate the end of the semester and assignment deadlines alongside the beginning of the Easter break (and ignoring as much as we could the approaching end of year exams), my friends and I went for a nice meal yesterday evening at a newly opened restaurant not far from the university campus called ‘More’.  We had a great time and it was a fun way to start of the holidays. The restaurant had this picture of Oliver Twist on the side just as you enter, and I thought it was a very imaginative source of the restaurant’s name!

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Maryam graduated in the Summer of 2014 and is no longer blogging for this site. Maryam blogged about the final year of her degree in Medical Physiology after returning from an industrial placement year at GlaxoSmithKline.

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