The End of the Spring Semester

Hello! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter. I’m feeling very fat after overindulging in chocolate and felt like this was a good time to take a break from revision and write a blog post. I’m going to briefly mention my time in Opal Court, the halls of residence located in the city, and then talk about my final weeks of the Spring Semester.

Opal Court

Opal Court is the large halls of residence situated next to the University. It is primarily for international students, so there’s a great cultural diversity with people from all over the world. For me, the best thing about Opal Court has to be the proximity to the University; it’s only a short three minute walk to get onto campus, which is great when you like to have a bit of a lie in like I do! My research project laboratory was located in the Henry Wellcome building, which is even closer than the main University campus – yet another bonus. It’s also nicely situated close to town and to the local supermarket, so it suits all of your shopping needs.

The last few weeks of the Spring semester were some of the most stressful weeks of my life. The first draft of my dissertation had to be submitted – something I thought I’d never get finished! However, after many late nights and intense work sessions, I was finally able to hand in a first draft. My project supervisor has now looked at it and informed me that it’s not far off the finished version – hooray! I still feel like I’ve got a lot to do on it, but it’s nice to have the large majority of it completed. In the final week of term, we had to give a ten minute presentation on our dissertation projects, with five minutes of questioning. After lots of practising, I was confident with my talk but I was worried about the questions. I feel I could have phrased some of my answers better, but overall I’m quite satisfied with how it went. I also had two essays due that week, which meant that instead of enjoying the sunshine I was stuck inside writing! In my breaks, I would walk around Vicky Park and get very jealous of all the people lounging around in the sun with ice creams. However, when the essays were finally written, I was able to enjoy one day lying in Vicky Park in the sun all day with friends and ice creams – a well deserved treat, and a great way to end a stressful term.

The past term hasn’t all been stress and work, however. I was thrilled to gain a place for graduate entry medicine a few weeks ago. It felt amazing to know that the hard work I’d put in over the past two and a half years had paid off, and that I was working towards the career of my dreams. This has given me the motivation to work really hard this Easter holiday, so that I can do as well as I can when the exams roll around in May. On that note, it’s time to get back to revision and editing my dissertation!

Until next time, I hope you have a great week.

~ Joshua

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One response to “The End of the Spring Semester”

  1. maryam

    I know what it feels like when you have a load of work to do and it seems as if the rest of the world is relaxing stress free! Congratulations on your place, you’ve mentioned before that you wanted to go into medicine so thats great! Where will you be off to next then?

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