Going ‘Gaying’

Soooooooo, with all the work that has been done (avoided) this term, I think that I have deserved a couple of days off! And this is where the LGBTQ Society has come up as a slight distraction to all the work that choosing Biology has rewarded me with. As a Committee member of the Association I feel morally obliged to at least show my face on EVERY social that we go on (it’s just a coincidence really that they all happen to be really great). Anyway, I digress..

On the 7th of November, the society went on a Cafe Crawl around Leicester. I know the name sounds intriguing, if not a bit obscure, but it essentially involves visiting an array of Cafes around town, whilst having a concoction of beverages and sweet treats. Most ‘youngsters’ may equate it with a simple bar crawl, but replacing the bars with cafes. However, I enjoy Cafe Crawls a lot more than Bar Crawls as it is a great way to mingle with new or silent members, without the awful music drowning you out. I also feel great as the copious amounts of alcohol normally consumed on a bar crawl are synonymous with the amount used to take out a large rhino! Though whether replacing the alcohol with excess sugar is a great choice, I’ll leave you all to decide.

We started the Crawl by walking to a gay-friendly bar called Sloanes, located at the bottom of New Walk (yellow brick road for me), for some of their daytime offers. Needless to say that this is all I have to say about this bar. It’s a great bar, but better during the evenings. It was good to talk to people, but the expensive food and drink there make you feel a stone lighter… in your wallet! I would score it 4/10 for the Cafe Crawl.

The Cute Mrs Bridges Tearoom

Next we went to a quaint little Cafe called Mrs Bridges located in Loseby lane, near the Town Centre. It’s a really nice little Tearoom, which offers a nice variety of savoury and sweet food. And their macaroons were absolutely delish! I would recommend it to anyone. And the great thing about going to Cafes with a really nice group of people is that people tend to share their food and drinks, no matter how nice they think it is – no greedy guys on this day out! The only problem with something like Mrs Bridges is that it is a bit out of the way of everything else. But then again, I am prone to hidden gems! I would score it a solid 8/10.

The last Cafe, and easily the best, was the Crumblin’ Cookie. Found along the High Street in the Town Centre (very close to Highcross), I am always one to leave the best to last. I was looking forward to this Cafe as I had frequented it a bit too much last year. I enjoyed a slice of carrot and cinnamon cake and a gingerbread ice cream milkshake. If your mouth isn’t watering then I think we should part ways dear friends! (just joshing… a bit!)

The Cafe is a very friendly place with plenty of space for us to sit together, and the array of food and drink on offer is far too good to miss. Though along with most Cafes and only a student budget to live off (I’m getting my Mum to visit me for her love and supply of money), I would consider the latter two Cafes as a lovely, relaxed treat. I would give Crumblin’ Cookie a well-deserved 9/10.

The Crumblin’ Cookie

I hope you’ve all enjoyed a Gay perspective of Leicester’s Cafes. Please rate them yourselves if you have been to any of them already. I would love to debate anyone who has ANYTHING against the Crumblin’ Cookie! My life’s ambition is to get a milkshake of every flavour from the Cafe… it’s not that weird…

I shall give you a gay tour of Manchester in the next blog so keep your eyes pealed, avid viewers, as I introduce you to the ever-lively LGBTQ Community!

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