More ‘totally gay’ socials!

I know that by the end of my blogs, you’ll probably all be sick of the gays. But, you can’t actually say that, because we’re a fabulous minority and I shall do all I can to promote ourselves as a wondrous group of human beings!

Sentimentality over, you would have thought that the great University student I am, would be focussing on deadlines. Well, I have been working hard, but the gays still know how to have a great time!

A couple of weeks ago, the LGBTQ went to Manchester’s famous Canal Street, to soak up the scene it has to offer. And though the travelling was horrific, tiring and everyone had made too many puns on ‘Canal Street’ to even be considered funny anymore, the famed G-A-Y of Canal Street was a great club to behold. It was huge, and the bars we went to beforehand held nothing on this impressive ‘dance-and-drink’ structure. There were loads of great people dancing the night away, and with great drink prices and really cheesy music (typical!) I had no desire to be left out in the fun. Definitely recommended to anyone who goes to the famed road.

Think of all the lively puns you could make with this beauty!


I would love to talk more about Manchester and invite anyone to leave a comment, but a far more chillaxed and interesting social (in my responsible eyes) was when the LGBTQ went to Sloanes for their World AIDs Day Fundraiser. It was a wonderful day at Sloanes, where there was cheap coffee, a stall by ‘All About Daisy’ and lovely music playing throughout the day (me and my friends, accidentaly becoming groupies!)

The coffee was nice with a lovely relaxed atmosphere of calming music. And the ‘All About Daisy’ Stall was absolutely amazing! There were great gift ideas there from stockings to jewellery to hats, scarves and all things Christmas worthy! I bought some Christmas presents there and I bet my Granny will be the most ‘hip’ OAP ever when she wears the scarf I got her. Especially when she can put her hands in the pockets of said scarf! I also bought myself a treat… the most pink stocking I have ever seen!

‘All About Daisy’ is a charitable service, selling hand-made goods to support ethical and eco-friendly projects. Here is a link to their shop: A way to support good services and get a really ideal Crimbo present!

Me next to ‘All About Daisy’ (you can see the camp stockings in the background!

All the money raised went to support World AIDs Day, which was on the 1st December (more information can be found at AIDs is one of the most prominent diseases in the 21st Century, and by raising money for AIDs reseach and people affected by AIDs, then this horrendous disease, can hopefully be wiped out and the stigma surrounding it can be reduced.

Hate to end on a sombre note… but I hope the earlier part of my blog got you all in the mood for Christmas!… wonder what the next few blogs might be about?!

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