Hey guys, exams are soon upon us, and we’ve all been working soooo hard. Therefore, as a treat for those who have been keeping up with my blogs, I shall divulge the most exciting event I’ve been involved in all year!

Last week we held a Love Music Hate Homophobia gig to raise money for the national NUS LGBT campaign to raise money for LGBTQ groups across the country. And to help with the eradication of homophobia. We also wanted to send a strong message to those in the University that Homophobia will not be tolerated by our strong community!

Me in all my glory!

Me in all my glory!






We had several indie music acts take part throughout the night. From Samuel Pollen, Calum Lynch, the Brandy Thieves to Alexia (who won Leicester’s got Talent last year!) It was a lovely night with a great atmosphere.




We also had representatives from our local TRADE charity who work to promote sexual health awareness within the local Leicester LGBTQ community. Free torches, condoms and penis sweets (no euphemism intended) for everybody. I was very happy to get TRADE up there, and glad to help out with manning the several stalls we had to promote the event but also sell rocking good T-Shirts! If anyone still wants a T-shirt, then leave a comment below!


Hope everyone is doing well, and that exams aren’t getting the better of everyone, TOO much! Might be a while before I blog again, as exams are not getting the better of me (he says while crying in a corner!) TTFN x

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2 responses to “LMHH”

  1. Pantelis

    It seems that you had a great time. I should have come..
    By the way you should have organized this tonight as it’s the International day Against Homophobia

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