Post Exam Celebration

Now, I am one of the few people at University who have finished their exams, the exam period not finishing until the 7th of June. We’re supposed to be doing preparatory work for our dissertation ‘preparation’ course on the 11th June. Preparation for preparation… YAWNNN!

So, me and my course mates went out to Nando’s for luncheon. It was fantastic! My Nando’s card got me a free quarter chicken! Plus, one of our course mates has had to take a year out due to injury.. he came up as well! AND, our course mate who dropped out after first year to get a job instead, came up as well! We were all reunited! And how the year passes so quickly!



Then me and a couple of LGBTQ members went to volunteer at TRADE, preparing leaflets for their latest campaign protecting against HIV. Very therapeutic, and at least I’m doing something semi-productive after my exams. If anyone is interested in TRADE’s services, or wants to know more about HIV and its transmission then there’s more information on their site:

Lastly,trying Madison’s dessert parlour on London Road. I am very surprised, that having lived round the corner from Madison’s for a year now, this is the first time we visit there! Anyway, their milkshakes and waffles are amazing, and we all vow to keep going, in order to try everything!

Such a sweet day, in all the right places!

Hope everyone’s doing alright. Remember, feel free to drop me a line in the comments below.



and now!

and now!

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