Times are changing and I think I like it

Ohhhh dear me. I’m becoming one of those typical old men, reliving the good old days, though it’s happening to me now at the ripe old age of 20! What is triggering this dramatic episode?… Results day!

Alas, we all remember the last couple of months of endless work, followed by what feels like years waiting for results to come out, before the scary days leading up to results release. I was pleasantly surprised to have exceeded my Uni offer, therefore allowing me to jet set off to Leicester.. and, well, I’ve never looked back!

No matter how scared you ‘youngsters’ may feel about approaching University, it won’t even compare to when you’re halfway through your degree, and you’ll have garnered an array of great experiences and even greater lifelong friends.

On a personal note, I was really scared about going to University, as I had decided that that was the point I was going to change my life for the better and be open about my sexuality to my parents and all the new people I’d meet in my life. And it was the greatest decision I ever made.

Back during the 2011s.. what a shy laddy!

Back during the 2011s.. what a shy laddy!

And look at us now!

And look at me now!

It was not only good for me to come out to myself, but because of the good people I met through the University of Leicester’s LGBTQA Association. They helped guide my coming out process to other people, and have involved me with a range of activities which have helped improve my confidence, and help campaign on small and large scale events to promote LGBTQ rights and the need for Equality.

We also, campaign in solidarity with other minorities and women to promote equal rights for everyone in relation to gender, ethnic minority and ability. We obviously, have a long way to go, but society’s attitudes and understanding of minorities is improving.

As an individual, I have become a lot more confident, knowing that I can just be myself around other people; and people accept the real me. My involvement on the LGBTQA committee has also helped boost my confidence. As you welcome new people to the society, you want to be a friendly face that they can come to. As welfare officer, I would sum up my year, by saying that I did pretty well tackling issues around Bisexuality and also Trans* issues, along with increasing members’ involvement with local LGBT charities, such as TRADE. And the amount of involvement from the society has only increased by providing a friendly face!

So, to all the minorities out there, coming to the University of Leicester; I say that a great few years await you! There are plenty of societies for minorities available, and these are where you can make the greatest friends possible, and know that there are others who can empathise with you.

Sentimental, but sincere. Hope everyone got the results they wanted, and tune in next time for my last blog in the UK! As usual, any questions, post in the comments below.


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