Waiting around in limbo

doing-nothingI had my last lecture of the year on Wednesday last week and for the rest of the week I felt I needed a break before I started my revision, just so that I feel refreshed (well as refreshed as you can get in a few days) and learn more effectively. So once my lecture finished and I got home, I sorted out my lecture notes and drew up a rough revision timetable. Then I sat around feeling pretty smug about the few days I had left of doing nothing. It was a strange feeling as I knew I had the long days of revision ahead of me but the many hours of lectures were over.

What I found was that there are only so many movies I could watch and ice cream I could eat lazing around doing nothing in particular before I actually wanted to start my revision. Something I never thought possible! There is a lot of work I have to do but I know having those few days of me time was helpful and will be beneficial in the long run. You need to have breaks and time away from work when you’re at university, especially when it approaches exam time and it seems like everybody is stressing out.


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Maryam graduated in the Summer of 2014 and is no longer blogging for this site. Maryam blogged about the final year of her degree in Medical Physiology after returning from an industrial placement year at GlaxoSmithKline.

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