What to take to a university open day


button-opendayMany students aim to attend open days before applying to or accepting an offer of a place at university and to allow you to make the most of these visits, I have made a list of the main items you should take with you to allow you to get the most out of your day.

1) Pen: although most things are quickly tapped into a mobile or a tablet, it is still useful to carry a pen around especially on an open day. You may need to write down your name for newsletters, sign something or even just quickly note something down on a course handbook. It doesn’t take up much space so just carry one with you.

2) Questions: This is a chance you get to find out what you want about your course by talking to students who have been where you are. You may also get to talk to lecturers who will be teaching you and so make the most of this opportunity in thinking of questions beforehand to ask them face to face about studying that particular course at that university.

3) Map: This may be the first time you are visiting the city so be sure you know exactly where you’re going. It doesn’t do well to end up running late on a university visit day and rushing around trying to catch up with the rest of the visitors. Activities such as campus tours and lectures may have been scheduled for certain times and joining in late could result in you missing out on useful information.

4) Fully charged phone: This is especially important if you have come with friends or family as it is possible that you will get split up during the day so being prepared with a fully charged phone will save you from having to walk around a busy and unfamiliar campus looking for each other.

5) Friends and family: not only will they provide company for the journey to and from the university, but they know your personality and can guide you when making a decision. Parents tend to notice things that you may miss and are better rehearsed in enquiring about the more practical side of living away from home.

Finally don’t get bogged down with the gritty details of the university. Instead, try and get a feel for the place by walking around and talking to current students and seeing if you can imagine yourself studying their and enjoying the experience.

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