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I know this is out of my usual blogging character (as I realise that I focus on fun elements of University a lot more than the serious side) however, with 3 out of 4 years of my degree done, I thought that I would use this blog title to reminisce about the summer leading up to starting University.

I realise that all of you who are finishing their A Levels will have finished them by now (which renders the former part slightly useless). However, there is still one piece of advice I would offer to those post-exam people – there is absolutely no point feeling anxious, upset or depressed any more now! You might feel that after the exams have been done that you didn’t do as well as you thought. But, there’s nothing you can do about that now! And keeping such an attitude will only ruin what free time you have, and your chances at earning good money, during the longest summer you will ever have! If you really feel that you won’t have made the entry requirements you needed to get to University (or wherever your next step planned) then research around for a good backup plan! Other Universities will offer places during the Clearing process, which will always lead to an enjoyable University experience.

As for University preparation, I would give a few helpful pointers:

1. Keep on at Student Finance –

If you find yourselves experiencing trouble with Student Finance over the Summer, (I did and expect that a sizeable amount of the country did too!) then no matter how nice and helpful the people at the call centre may appear at the time, tell them what they need to do NOW to fast track your application! I wasn’t very confident before University so I didn’t have the guts to do this, but when I found that some of my finance wasn’t sorted a few days before I was due to go to University, I was in tears on the phone to them (which was another way of getting them to get their acts together). Unfortunately, it isn’t the people on the phones’ fault, but if you’re not firm with them, the whole process will just play out forever!

2. Try to relax about University –

Kind of related to my first pointer (in my case) but whatever fears you may be having about University, put them aside. I was a nervous wreck heading to University, but when I got there, I was put at ease, almost at once. You may feel that the University is against you, but they want to do everything to make your stay more enjoyable (as they want plenty of youngsters to continue applying to study there!) So, take a load off your feet, when you can.

You will have the time of your lives.

I realise I only have 2 pointers there, but I can’t think of the negative things to prepare for at University, because everything gets infinitely better by the time you get there!

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