The Next International Adventure!

I said to you guys earlier in the month that I had some exciting news upcoming. And the thing is that it was so last minute (that it was organised) and I was stressing so much about the post-application procedure, that I dared not tell anyone. Well, a major breakthrough happened only last week that put me at ease enough that I can finally reveal… I’M GOING TO INDIA!!

Yes, just as you were all used to me planting my British backside in English soil, I shall spread my seed Southern Asia (plant puns fully intended!) In February this year, I applied for summer internships abroad (I actually did the same last year, but to different countries; see my blog: It was all very short notice, but I applied for 5 countries: Mexico, Germany, Poland, Serbia and India. A month later I had heard back saying I was being put forward for the placement in India!

The only thing that would have changed between the two years was my experience studying abroad in Finland. Even though India and Finland could not be any further apart in terms of culture, climate etc., I certainly milked the experiences I had already gained studying abroad on my CV for these internships being offered.. and it must have worked!

So, I got a definite confirmation for India in late May. However, I had to apply for a Visa, which I couldn’t do until I got home on the 10th June (as some of my paperwork was there). I sent everything off I needed to the High Commission of India in London on the 11th, but completely stressed that I wouldn’t get my Visa back in time. In fact, you have to really book your flights after you have got your Visa, so you don’t waste money in case you don’t get a Visa! So, I sat by the letterbox for 1 and a half weeks, and Gods be good, I got my Visa on the 23rd of June! And I could finally book flights to India (quite fortunate they remained relatively cheap – considering it was India).

Anyway, I will be working in Karunya University’s Biotechnology department, getting technical experience in their laboratory. The placement advertised was a Microbiological topic, involving the manipulation of naturally occurring bacteria to remediate domestic wastewater. An exciting topic, which should put me in good stead for my final year at Leicester. And I shall finally experience ‘doing’ science in a more professional setting.

I will fly out to India this Friday, so expect a post from me in the upcoming week after I get there. I am so excited and hope everyone reading this feels my excitement literally leaping off of the page!

If anyone is thinking that this kind of placement sounds like something they would like too, then the organisation I did it with is called IAESTE and their brochure of placements are usually advertised from January onwards. DO IT!

Speak to you soon from MARVELLOUS INDIA! xxx

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