21st via India

It’s been a while since I last whacked out an illustrious blog (no dirty humour intended), but I have been kept very busy here on my internship (I’m not on holiday you know!) Which I have had to repeat to several friends and family whenever they ask me for my latest adventures.

Needless to say, that doesn’t mean I don’t get the chance to go on trips while I’m here. Though my free time is mainly limited to weekends and doesn’t give much opportunity to go further than a province or two (unless we pay a lot of dollar to take a domestic plane). When I first got to India, I was struck by how cheap the country is compared to England (I was buying litres of coke for 20 English pence, and one litre of petrol cost about 60 pennies!) However, this can also serve as a downfall, as you find yourself buying a lot of stuff simply because it’s cheaper than back home! And the trips aren’t cheap! With the internship only covering the costs of accommodation and communal food provisions, you find the money you have brought over to seem very little.

Anyhow, the trip I WILL be going on this weekend will be comparatively cheap (1200 rupees = £12). Plus, I hate to say this, but I will die of boredom if I’m left in Coimbatore for a whole weekend on my own! We will be going to the south of Tamil Nadu to a mountain range beginning with the letter ‘K’ (how else will I be surprised?!) With my birthday occurring yesterday, the surprises have been flooding in. Yesterday, my work surprised me with an overtly sweet birthday cake (being in an Evangelical Christian University, the birthday is gonna be much more of a big deal), before then heading off for a nice meal (can’t remember) and some Indian beers (can’t remember either). A fantastic way to bring in my 21st year!

Anyway, as I’ll be going away this weekend I shall put up pictures of the past few getaways on Monday to keep you licking your lips. But, I had best be off as I have to pack and leave in the next few hours.

TTFN everybody xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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