Early Post-Uni-Ramblings?

Hey hey blogosphere. As this blog’s title ominously suggests, I have been making decisions about post University decisions.

What I’ve realised, from seeing my friends who have graduated so far, is to get into SOMETHING after graduation. Something meaningful, which can possibly provide a stepping stone for other things or prepare me for life where I’m not stuck with my parents again afterwards (sorry Mum!)

So, I hope to not pop any future bubble by saying this now but I have applied for some Graduate leadership schemes in the public sector. Specifically, in Health Informatics for the NHS, and as a Social Worker for Frontline.

Two very different opportunities you may all think. But, both schemes allow me to study for a Master’s part time, while working on the job and practical training in the relevant profession also. Social work does interest me more as the opportunity to help the disadvantaged youth of today does sound more appealing to me and more emotionally fulfilling. Doing a science degree, people have questioned my reasoning, but because I have been involved in LGBTQA and Trade Sexual Health charity in the past, my empathy and interpersonal relation skills have only grown in the past couple of years. And my analytical skills will help, if I am to solve problems with families and professional institutions.

I have already completed some verbal and numerical reasoning tests, along with situational and personality tests too and the University Career’s service have helped a lot with preparing for these. Though I won’t find out how I’m faring in my applications for about a month or so. I will make sure to update you all with my progress into graduate jobs (in the mean time, wish me luck!)

Speak soon xoxoxo

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Chris has now graduated from the University of Leicester. I'm a guy finishing my Undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences (with a year abroad) at the University of Leicester. After a fun year in Finland, I will be getting down to the nitty gritty of life for a final year in Biology (specifically Microbiology). Along with a rant on studying, there will be a sprinkling of society chatter and my imminent thoughts on growing up into graduation and the beyond!

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